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What to look out for when operating your STORMJET ECO solvent printer in hot weather
With the approach of summer, various regions have successively ushered in the high temperature season. Under high temperature conditions, what should be paid attention to when operating the Stormjet eco solvent printer?
Let's analyze it here today.

There are requirements for the working environment of the Stormjet eco solvent printer. A temperature of 25-35 degrees is better. Excessive temperature will cause the main board of the Stormjet eco solvent printer to stop working due to the high temperature, causing printing to be interrupted. Therefore, in the hot summer, we must control the indoor temperature of the car sticker printer to prevent the equipment from overheating. If the device needs to work for a long time, you need to take measures to cool the device. You can turn on the fan to cool the device. Take care that the fan does not aim at the image being printed and the nozzle and blow directly to avoid interference with the nozzle printing. If possible, turn it on. Air-conditioning equipment, the overall indoor cooling will be better.

In summer, because the temperature itself is relatively high, the heating system that comes with the Stormjet eco solvent printer does not need to be turned on. If you want to speed up the drying speed of the screen, you can turn on the external air drying system.

Summer is also a rainy season, especially in many areas this year. There is a lot of rain in many areas this year. Long-term rain and high-temperature climate will make the air more humid. The components of the Stormjet eco solvent printer are very afraid of moisture. Pay attention to the working environment of the Stormjet eco solvent printer not to be too humid. Prevent damage to components and even cause short circuits.

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