Eco Solvent Ink

Type: Eco Solvent Ink
Color: CMYK
Package: Plastic Bottle
Size: 1kg/bottle
Warranty: 1 Year
Imported Materials
Using imported Japan materials, high smoothness, stable performance, better use.
Imported Materials
No Block Printhead
Nano-level fine filtration, not easy to block printhead, prolong its service life.
No Block Printhead
Strong Compatibility
Original factory ink, strong compatibility, cheap price, better match with our printers.
Strong Compatibility
High Adhesion
High adhesion and chemical stability, light and rubbing resistance, no easy to fade.
High Adhesion
High Color Reproduction
Ejected ink dots are uniform and clear, high color reproduction, and brighter printing color.
High Color Reproduction
Environmentally Friendly
Weak smell, no harmful gas, green and environmentally friendly, harmless to human body.
Environmentally Friendly
Type Eco Ink
Color CMYK
Size 1kg/bottle
Package 20bottle/carton
Place of Origin China
Quality 100% Testing Before Send Out
Certificate Yes
Warranty 1 year
Feature Vivid Color
Usage Car stickers, PP, Vinyl, Light box cloth, Wallpaper, Photographic paper, etc.
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