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What are the reasons why eco solvent printer prints against the paper?
What are the reasons why eco solvent printer prints against the paper?
1. The space of printhead and media is too small
Distance between print head and medium is too small, which is root cause of scratching. In general, distance between carriage of eco solvent printer and paper is too small. If paper is rubbed in this way, it is best to adjust height of carriage to keep thickness of a dollar coin.

2. Problem of gasket damage
For example, carriage gasket of eco solvent printer can raise shelf position to a certain extent and reduce friction. Once damaged, it will easily lead to a decrease in height of head. At this time, we need to replace carriage.

3. Paper feeding is deviated and paper feeding is blocked
Left and right deviation of pattern when printing and outputting: Check whether paper feed rollers on eco solvent printer platform rotate normally. If one of paper feed rollers does not rotate, it is easy to cause paper to be out of sync, paper to be skewed, or paper is stuck and arched, causing printing to rub against paper; in addition, printing medium is not flat, paper pressing plate is loose, and suction system is abnormal, so that printing consumables cannot be close to platform, or surface of consumables is too uneven, and paper rubbing problem will also occur.
How to choose and use ink of eco solvent printer?
How to choose and use ink of eco solvent printer?
1. Ink used on eco solvent printer should not be mixed with inks of different brands and models;

2.Do not choose ink that has been placed for too long, and choose ink with latest production date as much as possible. In addition, if ink is placed for a long time, it should be placed in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight, and longest is not more than 12 months; ink should be placed in a place that is not suitable for children.

3. Ink should be used in time after opening, but it should be noted that dust and debris should not enter ink after opening; when using this product for first time, remaining ink in pipeline should be rinsed with a special cleaning solution;

4. If ink is accidentally splashed into eyes or in direct contact with skin during use, it should be rinsed with plenty of water first.
Why print head of eco solvent printer does not have ink?
Why print head of eco solvent printer does not have ink?
1. Ink problem
In order to save costs, some users use some brand-name inks and do not pay attention to storage environment, resulting in ink viscosity being too high and too low, resulting in no ink from printhead.

2. Driving voltage of printhead is unstable
Appropriate print head voltage will make print head ink jet smoothly. It is recommended that users choose high-power and high-quality power strips and use brand voltage regulators when connecting printer.

3. Fatigue damage to piezoelectric crystal of eco solvent printer
Piezoelectric crystal of eco solvent printer is fatigued and damaged, which will cause print head to sometimes eject ink and sometimes not. Especially when printing dark large-area pictures and requiring a large amount of inkjet, phenomenon of printhead clogging is particularly obvious. When this happens, printhead needs to be replaced.

4. Working environment of eco solvent printer is not good
The best working environment temperature of printer is 15℃-30℃, and humidity is 35%-65%. If it is too high or too low, it will affect ink output of printhead, and phenomenon of ink shortage and smearing of printhead will occur, resulting in lack of printing images.

5. Carriage is not returned in time and capping station problem
User did not return printhead to capping station in time after printing work of eco solvent printer was completed. Over time, solidified ink will clog orifice. In daily work, users need to pay attention to return carriage in time, keep print head close to capping station, and clean print head according to correct operation steps.