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What to do with the scratch paper of STORMJET eco-solvent printer?
The stormjet eco solvent printer should stop or suspend printing immediately when the paper rubbing condition occurs during printing, so as to deal with the paper rubbing fault in time. Because if the eco solvent printing machine has a paper rubbing problem during the print output process, it is easy to cause the print output pattern screen to be scratched, the ink rubs the pattern, it needs to be reprinted and the output is wasteful of consumables and production man-hours, and in severe cases, it may even cause damage to the printhead components. For example, the paper rubbed the piezoelectric printhead and so on. However, the printhead is the core main component of the piezoelectric printer, and the price is very expensive. The damage of the printhead caused by a small printing rubbing paper failure is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Often, the printer's printing rubbing problem only needs to be dealt with in time. This is a very easy to solve. The printing rubbing problem is often caused by the following reasons. We only need to find the reason and solve it in time.

1. The printhead spacing of the printhead is too small
The distance between the print head and the medium is too small is the root cause of scratching. Generally, the distance between the carriage of the stormjet eco solvent printer and the paper is too small. If the paper is rubbed, the height of the cart should be lowered and it is best to keep the thickness of a dollar coin. . If the thickness of the printing paper is too thick, the distance between the printheads of the lower printhead can be adjusted appropriately.

2.gasket damage
For example, the small frame gasket of the eco solvent printing machine can lift the position of the frame to a certain extent to reduce friction. Once it is damaged, it is easy to cause the height of the printhead to decrease. At this time, we need to replace the small frame and other treatments.

3. the paper feeds misaligned and the paper feeds are blocked
When the image is printed and output, the pattern is deviated from the left and right. Check whether the paper feeding wheel on the stormjet eco solvent printer platform rotates normally. If one of the paper feeding wheels does not rotate, the paper is prone to be out of sync, paper misalignment or The paper jams and arches causing the printing to rub paper; in addition, the printing media is not flat, the pressure plate is loose, and the suction system is abnormal, which causes the printing consumables to not be close to the platform, or the unevenness of the consumable surface is too large, and paper rubbing problems may also occur. In particular, some wallpaper custom manufacturers, in order to meet the requirements of customers for three-dimensional pictures, use embossed wallpaper, the adjustable range of the printhead of the piezoelectric stormjet eco solvent printer is 3mm, and the thermal foaming machine is 1.75mm. Once this value is higher, it will Severe wear of the printhead structure, resulting in damage.

4.when the stormjet eco solvent printer prints out, if the length of the printed output paper is too long, the finished paper pattern during printing is not wound up in time, and the paper is continuously put down during printing, and it will stack up on the ground. If it is not collected in time If it is rolled, it will prevent the paper from being fed downwards, causing the paper to arch up on the platform, and printing rubbing occurs.

Therefore, these reasons are likely to cause the stormjet eco solvent printer's printing rubbing. The operator pays attention to the printing output, and pauses printing and adjustments in time when there is a problem. This can easily solve the printer's printing rubbing problem, and at the same time, it can be further protected. A good printhead can also avoid the problem of scratching and reprinting of printed patterns, saving materials and production time.

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