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Why choose high-quality original ink for the printing ink of Stormjet eco-solvent printer?
When car sticker printer printing, some customers choose low-priced and relatively poor-quality inks in order to reduce costs, but it is best to choose high-quality original inks for the ink of the Stormjet eco solvent printer.
Because the quality of the ink directly affects the printing fluency of the printhead and the color of the printed image.

Ink contains a variety of chemical components, often due to factors such as imperfect filtration, excessively high viscosity, and insufficient moisturizing fluid, causing the printhead to malfunction, or even damage the printhead in severe cases.
There is also a very important point. When Stormjet eco solvent printere is in production, the ink used in the test is the ink imported from Stormjet. Therefore, only high-quality original ink can be used to achieve the best printing effect in actual printing. 

It is recommended that customers use original inks, not only to achieve better color reproduction, but also to better ensure the smoothness of printing and the protection of printheads from blocking.

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