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What to do if the wrong ink is added to the eco solvent printer?
Eco solvent printer inks are divided into several categories, and inks of different properties cannot be mixed. If the solvent ink printer originally used oil-based ink, and then accidentally added ink of different nature, it would cause the ink to form deposits and block the ink supply system and printheads. What should I do if I add the wrong ink?

1.If the ink has only been poured into the ink cartridge, the valve of the ink cartridge has not been opened, and the ink has not entered the ink supply channel, just replace it with a new ink cartridge.

2.If the ink has entered the ink tube, you need to clean the entire ink path (that is, the ink tube) thoroughly, and the corresponding ink bag must also be cleaned; if the cleaning is not clean, you can only replace the ink tube and ink bag. And ink cartridges too.

3.If the cleaning function has been activated and the ink has entered the print head, the problem will be relatively serious. Please remove the print head immediately and manually clean the print head with the print head protection liquid and syringe, and all the ink will be discharged out of the print head. If the printhead is severely clogged, the printhead can only be replaced.

Different photo printers use different types of ink. Make sure you don’t make a mistake. If you receive the ink from the ink vendor, you must first check the nature of the ink and make sure it is shipped correctly. Although some photo printers are water and oil integrated , It can be applied to both water-based ink and oil-based ink, but it does not mean that the two inks can be mixed and used. Inks of different properties are decided not to be mixed together, which will seriously block the ink tube and printhead. Machine users need to pay attention to this.

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