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The importance of printing accuracy of eco-solvent printers
In the context of the rapid development of the world economy, the advertising market is developing prosperously. New methods of advertising production are emerging one after another, and the scope of applications is becoming more and more extensive, such as high-quality outdoor light box advertising, exquisite car stickers, personalized wallpapers, and decorations. Painting, simulation painting, etc., therefore, users have higher and higher requirements for eco solvent printer.

The user's requirements for the Skycolor eco solvent printer are mainly reflected in the following points: printing speed, printing accuracy, equipment stability, and perfect and efficient after-sales service. Today, I will focus on explaining the importance of the printing speed of the car sticker printer.

The printing speed determines how many orders the advertising shop owner can complete in a limited time. If a large number of orders can be received during the peak business period, but the order cannot be completed on time due to the printing speed limit, many business opportunities will undoubtedly be missed, or even lost forever. client. This shows the importance of printing speed.

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