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What should I do if eco solvent printer flies ink or nozzle missing?

In winter, temperature continues to drop, and many eco solvent printer users have reported that printer has phenomenon of oblique spraying, flying ink, and false pictures when eco solvent printer is working. So how to solve it? Stormjet eco solvent printer manufacturer will answer for you.

1. Working environment temperature
Temperature of working environment is very important for large eco solvent printer. If temperature is too low, eco solvent printer will have oblique spray, flying ink, and false printing. You can use an electric heating fan or a hair dryer to heat up printhead to avoid such problems when banner eco solvent printer is working. In addition, before using eco solvent printer, you should turn on air conditioner or electric heating fan in advance to warm up working environment. Temperature should be kept at 15℃-30℃ to keep eco solvent printer in best working condition. This will not only improve work efficiency, but also printing effect is excellent.

2. Prevent static electricity and dust
It is easy to generate static electricity in winter. Excessive static electricity will increase working loss of eco solvent printer and affect life of print head. Therefore, users should turn on humidifier synchronously when turning on air conditioner to increase air humidity. Humidity is best maintained at 35%-65%. Humidifier should be keep a distance from board of eco solvent printer to avoid condensation of water droplets, which may cause board to short-circuit. In addition, grounding wire is best way to derive static electricity. Ground wire is buried underground to a depth of not less than 2 meters. Salt water can also be poured in buried place to enhance conductivity.
In dry weather in winter, static electricity and dust can damage printhead. If static electricity is too large, printheads or circuits are easily damaged. Dust can easily clog nozzles and cause nozzle missing. So when you use banner eco solvent printer in winter, you should pay attention to controlling printing speed to prevent excessive static electricity. Secondly, pay attention to cleaning nozzle regularly to prevent dust from clogging nozzle.

3. Choose good ink
If temperature is too low, viscosity of ink will change, especially for low-quality inks. In winter, viscosity of ink will increase, clogging nozzles and causing oblique spraying and nozzle missing, which will affect life of printheads. Therefore, when purchasing inks, users should choose inks with good weather resistance and good quality. It is recommended that users choose Stormjet original inks, using imported raw materials, smooth use, low viscosity, and continuous output for a long time. In addition, pay attention to storage of ink. Ink is prone to qualitative changes if it is kept in a sub-zero environment for a long time. It is best to store it in an environment of 15 ℃ -30 ℃.

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