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What are reasons that affect printing quality of eco solvent printer?
Large eco solvent printer is an important equipment for printing banner advertisements. What are reasons that affect printing quality of eco solvent printer? Stormjet eco solvent printer manufacturer will answer for you.

1. Quality of print head of eco solvent printer
Quality of print head directly affects accuracy and color of printout. For example, problems such as clogged nozzles and no ink from a single nozzle can cause color lack of printed pictures.
2. Ink supply system for eco solvent printer
Ink supply system of large eco solvent printer supplies ink to printer. If there is a problem with ink supply system, such as nozzle missing, ink tube leakage or ink return, it will cause printing screen to appear variegated.
3. Working environment of eco solvent printer
In winter, temperature is low and air is dry, which can easily cause material to bend and scratch priinthead of banner eco solvent printer. And it is easy to generate static electricity, resulting in a reduction in print quality.

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