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What is the eco solvent printer afraid of?

The eco solvent printer is a precision device that can print high-precision and beautiful colors. So what is the solvent ink printers afraid of?

1.The eco solvent printer is afraid of high temperature, especially in summer, the temperature itself is relatively high, if the temperature is too high after the equipment runs for a period of time, the operation of the equipment will be interrupted. In hot weather, especially in summer, pay attention to controlling the indoor temperature. Try to keep the room temperature at 20-35 degrees.

2.The eco solvent printer is afraid of dust. Because the car sticker printer generates a lot of static electricity when it is running at high speed, it is easy to absorb dust. Because the nozzle of the car sticker printer is extremely small, the dust is enough to block the nozzle, which will directly affect the printing of the eco solvent printer.

3.The eco solvent printer is afraid of sudden power failure. Sudden power failure will have a lot of impact on the photo machine, and in serious cases, it may cause the burning of the components of the wallpaper printer . Do not cut off the power directly after the wallpaper printer is used. Be sure to turn off the power after turning off the wallpaper printer according to the steps.

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