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What factors should you consider when purchasing an eco-solvent printer?

When buying a eco solvent printer, in addition to paying attention to whether it looks good or not, you must also pay attention to the inside. At the beginning of the business, the friends may not know which features need to be paid attention to when purchasing equipment for the first time. Today, I have specially sorted out some points that need to be paid attention to when choosing a car sticker printer machine for your reference.

The eco solvent printer is a drawing device, and the quality of the printed image is the most intuitive standard for judging the device. At present, customers have relatively high requirements for the accuracy of the screen, and the color reproduction and fineness of the screen are both indicators for considering the printing effect.

Another item is the printing speed of the eco solvent printer, because the speed determines how many orders you can complete within a unit time. If the speed is fast, you can win more customers during peak business periods.

The stability of the eco solvent printer determines whether you are "saving worry". The stable equipment only needs to do routine maintenance and use the correct method to operate the equipment. If the stability is not good, you need to spend a lot of effort to adjust and calibrate the equipment.

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