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Stormjet eco solvent printer intelligent dryer
Stormjet 3180 series eco solvent printer is equipped with a smart dryer. Many friends don't know much about smart dryers. Let me introduce smart dryers of eco solvent advertisement printer to you today.

The biggest feature of the smart dryer is that it can be turned on and off automatically. When the device is turned on and starts to work, the dryer can be turned on automatically, and the dryer will be turned off automatically when it stops working, making the operation easier. The wind control and temperature control knobs on the smart dryer can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the environment, which is simple and convenient.

It is the goal of continuous improvement of the equipment to make the operation of the equipment more intelligent and make the user experience better. For many years, Stormjet eco solvent printer has been working hard to develop and forge ahead. It has established a complete national service system, leading quality standards, and professionally forged the brand,Stormjet eco solvent printer.

Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd (Stormjet Printer:www.stormjet.net) integrates R&D, production, sale and service, and adopts the newest and the most pragmatic technology into printers through cooperating with world famous printer head manufacturers, and software suppliers.

Till now, we have independently researched and developed stormjet eco solvent printer,stormjet digital advertisement printer,etc., which are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southwest Asia. Besides, stormjet printer established distribution network and service systems in several countries and regions.