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What are faults of materials feeding of Eco solvent printer?
Materials feed is an indispensable part of printing process of eco solvent printer. If there is a problem with materials feed of eco solvent printer, it will affect normal output. How to deal with materials feed failure of large format banner printer?

Materials deviation and materials wrinkling are common materials feeding failures of eco solvent printer. Reasons for these failures are as follows:
1. Pinch roller is severely worn or pressure is uneven. At this point, you need to replace new pinch roller of large format banner printer.
2. Left and right tension of take-up reel is inconsistent. At this time, it is necessary to adjust tightness of left and right ends of take-up reel, and observe which direction printing material is inclined. If it is inclined to right, raise left side of take-up reel bracket, with acrylic which the hard thickness standard.
3.Pace of materials loading and delivery is inconsistent.

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