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Use skills of Stormjet eco solvent printer dryer
As we all know, when the weather is cold, the output picture of the eco solvent advertisement printer is difficult to dry, and the picture even spreads. Many friends are entangled in how to use the heating function of the stormjet eco solvent printer. In fact, the use of the heater mainly depends on the environment. Temperature and humidity, the best working environment temperature of the machine is 20℃-35℃, humidity 35%-65%. For friends who do not have air conditioners and humidifiers installed, let's explain the use skills of stormjet eco solvent printer dryers below:

The eco solvent advertisement printer does not have a drying device as standard, and you need to purchase an external dryer. The single-head eco solvent advertisement printer is recommended to be equipped with an arc-shaped infrared dryer. The heater is evenly heated and the efficiency is low. In this case, it is recommended to advance 10 minutes before drawing the picture. Turn on the dryer and set the heating temperature to 50°C~55°C. If it exceeds 55°C, many materials will be baked and deformed and the film will fail. It is recommended to configure an infrared dryer for double-head machines, and purchase an external mid-wave tube dryer to improve drying efficiency. The medium wave tube dryer is a knob-type device for adjusting the drying efficiency. It is recommended to increase the drying intensity as much as possible without baking deformed materials.

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