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Advertise Your Business Better with StormJet Eco Solvent Printers in 2024

With the increasing demand for outdoor printing, the growing popularity of large format advertising and the ever-increasing concern for the environment, the ec -solvent printer becomes the first printing solution made to eliminate these concerns. Creating aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly outdoor advertisements largely depends on the quality of the eco-solvent printer you choose. The printing quality? The color vibrancy? The printing durability including Waterproof, anti-solarisation, anti-corrosion? etc. Now let's dive down to the blog and learn how can StormJet Eco Solvent Printers make it out to satisfy your needs!

What is Eco Solvent Printers?

Eco solvent printer is an inkjet printer that uses Eco solvent ink for printing. These printers excel in quality-oriented printing on various substrates like vinyl, canvas, adhesive vinyl, and banner materials. Eco solvent inks, renowned for durability, scratch resistance, and weather resistance, suit outdoor applications well.

Eco-solvent inks are less harmful to the environment compared to traditional solvent inks. Eco solvent inks usually contain less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful air pollutants (HAPs), making them safer to use in indoor printing applications.

The signage, graphics, and advertising industries commonly utilize eco solvent printers to create banners, signage, vehicle wraps, stickers, and other outdoor graphics. These printers find application in various industries, including textile printing, art reproduction, and interior decoration.

What is StormJet Eco Solvent Printers?

Zhengzhou-based printer manufacturer StormJet has a decade of experience in the printing industry, dedicated to offering professional and customized printing solutions to companies from various industries. With decades of research and development, including frequent upgrading of printing components, stormjet has a complete range of eco solvent printers and full technical support.

StormJet Eco Solvent Printers List







What Makes StormJet Eco Solvent Printers Different from the Others?

1. Larger Printing Size

StormJet Eco Solvent Printers series has 5 different printing models to satisfy different printing needs. The 7160S and 7162TS model feature a printing width of 1600mm for small area printing like photographic paper, roll up banners, canvas cloth, flags, etc. The F1 and 3180TS boast a width of 1800mm, surpassing the aforementioned models, ideal for car wraps, backlit banners in metro and bus stations, etc. And the 320TS features a large width of 3200mm for large format printing like wallpapers, posters, etc.

2. Faster Printing Speed

The print speed of a printer makes the difference between a good printer and a bad printer. The StormJet Eco Solvent Printers are available in 5 models with different print speeds for different printing needs.You can see this information in the table above.

3. High Resolution

High resolution ensures clear information and vivid image design. The higher the resolution parameter, the sharper the prints. With StormJet Eco Solvent Printers offering resolutions of up to 32000 DPI, selecting a high-resolution eco solvent printer will surely enhance brand visibility to a broader audience.

4. Printing Substrate Compatibility

Choosing a versatile eco solvent printer can help your business print onto as more substrates as possible to lower down your initial investment. StormJet Eco Solvent Printers has a wide range of printing substrate compatibility including PP, PVC, Canvas, Fabric, Vinyl, Backlit, Mesh, and certain types of paper, etc. to help you develop your startup or boost your sales growth.

5. Popular RIP Software Compatibility

Catering to meet different preferences of RIP software, StormJet Eco Solvent Printers support multiple RIP software. To ensure a smooth transition from other printers, we utilize software such as Maintop, Photoprint, and Onyx, etc.

6. Full Technical Support

Issues may arise when choosing a new eco solvent printer. The machine and software installation, the calibration and alignment, and the ink filling and priming, etc. It always need full technical support to run this new machine smoothly and perfectly. And StormJet Eco Solvent Printers offers full range of support.

Wrap Up

Enterprises and individuals seeking high-quality printing solutions highly favor ecological solvent printers for their combination of environmentally friendliness, versatility, durability, print quality, ease of use, wide format capability, and cost-effectiveness. If you're doing some research for new eco solvent printers. You may want to give Stormjet a try.

Thanks for reading!

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