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What can Large Format printers print?
Large-format printing is part of almost everyone's daily life - even if we don't realize it. As we walk around our cities, towns and even villages, we see examples of large format printing everywhere: billboards, advertisements on taxis and buses, graphics on the walls of construction sites. But what exactly is wide format printing? How does it work, what is involved in the process and why is it important for advertisers, marketers and brands? In this article, we thought we could shed some light on the basics of our industry and answer some simple questions you may have:

What is large format printing?

Wide format printing refers to any item printed on a large sheet of paper or other material. These projects are often too large to be printed on standard commercial presses. Instead, they require specialized equipment to give you a larger print area. The main features of a wide format printer are that the print head and the high-capacity ink cartridge are independently separated, and that it supports single sheet feeding and roll feeding.

What is large format printing used for?

1. Outdoor: In addition to banners, wallpaper and vehicle graphics, wide format printers can produce backgrounds for posters, signage, tradeshow graphics, electronic schematics, architectural drawings, construction drawings, theatrical and media sets, and any other large format artwork.

2. Interior Decoration: Skycolor's printers can reproduce artwork on canvas or create images/patterns for banners, curtains, lampshades, wallpapers, seat covers, pillows and bedspreads. They can meet your decorating needs, satisfy your desire for style, or help complement your home décor with high quality prints.

3. Packaging: All types of labels can be created with these printers. They can be used on cartons, glass bottles, bottle racks, clips, wine and spirits, shrink wrap, loyalty cards, health and beauty product packaging, and stickers. They can be used to print on mobile accessories or specialty items, as well as thermoforming molds.

4. Labels, stickers and decals: In addition to boxes and cartons, Skycolor products can be used to apply labels to industrial parts, consumer products, serial sheets, glass and paper. They can also be used to create road signs, images of vehicle parts, and window graphics.

5. Promotional Products: Create unique product labels or branded promotional items such as pens, mugs, mouse pads, lighters or keys? Skycolor wide format printers allow you to accomplish this task quickly and affordably. You can even print stickers or images for personal products, electronics or backlit surfaces to create the ideal image or message.

6. Industrial parts and prototypes: Industrial printing facilitates the finishing and labeling of mechanical parts and tools, as well as the finishing of film panels, seat covers, and thermoformed molds. From watches to vehicle graphics to full-color 3D printing of any object, Skycolor printers can do it all.

Supported media include coated paper, plain paper, photo paper, sulfuric acid paper, rice paper, PP adhesive, etc.

Why choose Skycolor wide format printer?

Take Skycolor’s most popular H1 as an example:

It is mainly used for high-precision large-format printing of photos, posters, car stickers, billboards, etc. Compared with other models, it has higher printing accuracy and wider printing width, and can meet the strict requirements of image detail and color performance in the professional field.

As a high-end photo printer, the technical parameters of the H1 cannot be underestimated. First of all, it is equipped with 4 high-quality Epson I3200 printheads, which makes the printed images extremely clear. It adopts THK's silent linear guide, which has low noise, high precision, stable operation of the carriage, and extends the service life of the machine.

In terms of speed, the H1 also shows strong performance. Its printing speed is very fast. It can print 79㎡ per hour in 4 passes. In addition to its fast printing speed, it is also equipped with a high-performance intelligent drying system and an automatic winding and unwinding system. Even large format printing jobs can be completed in a short time. . This is undoubtedly a great advantage for those business situations that require quick delivery of finished products.

The H1 is also very compatible and easy to use. It supports a variety of file formats, including common image formats such as JPG, PDF, and professional image editing software formats such as Photoshop PSD, etc. The Gigabit Ethernet port allows users to transfer files directly from the computer to the printer for printing, which is easy and fast to use.

In terms of maintenance, the H1 has also been simplified as much as possible. Although as a professional equipment, regular maintenance is essential, H1 is equipped with an independent ink scraping system to facilitate the cleaning of a single nozzle, and the automatic ink extraction and cleaning function makes it very convenient for users to perform daily cleaning and maintenance work. . This not only prolongs the service life of the equipment, but also ensures long-term stable operation.

H1 Photo Printer has become the first choice of professionals with its excellent performance and professional output quality. Therefore, if you are a professional who demands high quality output, the H1 four-head, four-color photo printer is undoubtedly a choice you should not miss.

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