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The details on the ink cartridge of the Stormjet Eco Solvent Printer
The ink cartridge of the car sticker printer is used to store ink. You may not know that there are also technological highlights on the ink cartridge of the Stormjet eco solvent printer. The height of the ink cartridge and the height of the printhead are not arbitrary. If the height difference between the two is not appropriate, some problems will occur. According to the principle of the connector, if the position of the ink cartridge is too high, ink leakage is likely to occur at the print head. If the print head is too high, ink backflow will occur. Both of these conditions will cause printing problems. In addition, many brands of pictures In the process of disassembling and replacing printheads, both machines and equipment will cause ink to flow out of the ink tube, which causes great trouble in disassembling the printheads.

The ink cartridge of the Stormjet eco solvent printer has a valve on and off, which can control the ink in the ink cartridge very well. When the user needs to disassemble the printhead, close the valve on the ink cartridge, the ink will no longer overflow from the ink tube, and closing the valve can also control the printhead dripping and ink backflow. Open the valve when the car sticker printer is working normally, and close the valve when the photo machine is idle, which has a great effect on the maintenance of the car sticker printer.

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