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Precautions for use of eco solvent printer in a dry climate
Changes in temperature will affect printing effect of banner eco solvent printer. Now weather is getting colder and colder, what should be paid attention to when using eco solvent printer in a low temperature and dry climate?

In winter, temperature is low, and humidity vary greatly, affect precision electronic components of large format eco solvent printer, such as piezoelectric printhead, electronic board control system and so on.

And in a low temperature and dry environment, static electricity is very easy to generate. During operation of eco solvent printer, friction between materials and machine's printing platform is more likely to generate static electricity. Static electricity not only affects accuracy of printing, such as flying ink, inaccurate ink drop positioning, but also easily damages electronic components.

Therefore, it is recommended that users should do anti-static operation for eco solvent printer and connect ground wire to prevent a large amount of static electricity from affecting inket printing.

In addition, pay attention to humidity of working environment of banner eco solvent printer, try to keep it between 35%-65%, and avoid environment from being too dry.

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