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How to achieve high-quality inkjet painting?

As a common inkjet tool, its performance determines the final inkjet effect, so how to achieve high-quality inkjet printing?

1.choose high-performance eco solvent printer inkjet printing machine

As the mainstream printing machine output device for inkjet printing, eco solvent printer application can make your inkjet printing work more worry-free and labor-saving. At present, there is a phenomenon of two-level differentiation in the quality of inkjet printing machine of different photo printers in the market. The pressure of cost and competition has caused the quality of some brands of inkjet printers to be uneven. This is mainly reflected in the unstable performance or configuration of the inkjet printer, which of course will directly affect As far as the printing quality of the machine is concerned, choosing a high-quality and high-performance piezoelectric printer with a good reputation will not only facilitate your daily inkjet printing operations, but it also better guarantees the quality of inkjet printing.

2.The correct choice of ink and paper media and other inkjet printing consumables

To ensure high-quality inkjet printing, in addition to the selection of high-performance printer printing machine as described above, it is also necessary to pay attention to printing ink, printing paper media, printer inkjet accuracy, color mode and image format, etc., in order to make It meets the higher requirements of the modern advertising society for photo inkjet works. Choosing high-quality inkjet printing consumables can better achieve high-quality inkjet output. In common inkjet printing media, such as inkjet cloth, light box cloth, adhesive, light film, photographic paper and so on. High-quality inkjet printing media and inkjet inks match to get high-quality inkjet paintings. This is especially obvious in the production of eco-solvent inks, especially in the market for different printing media and inks. Due to the variety of related media involved, the effect And the price is also different. The quality of inkjet consumables has an obvious impact on the quality of inkjet printing. Inferior consumables will not only affect the printing quality, but even cause damage to the inkjet machine and nozzles in severe cases.

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