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Stormjet will tell you how to solve the problem of static electricity
Static electricity can pose challenges in the operation of eco-solvent printers, affecting print quality and overall efficiency. STORMJET, a leader in printing technology, offers valuable insights into overcoming static issues for seamless printing experiences.
What else can you think of except snow and cold in winter?

Static electricity! That's right, static electricity is also our enemy for Stormjet eco solvent printer! Anyway, it will affect our printing effect, and in severe cases, it will damage the printhead, and even cause irreversible damage to the board. There is only one attitude towards the enemy! Destroy it! So what should we do?
Remember, the ground wire of the large format pp printer must be connected!

Correct grounding method: connect the ground wire (copper wire, diameter 4mm) connected to the large format pp printer's metal body to 1.5-2m deep underground, pour salt water around it, and ground separately from the computer ground wire. Do not connect the computer ground wire to the Stormjet eco solvent printer. The machine is grounded through the Stormjet eco solvent printer, so that the power leakage or discharge of the computer case will damage the electronic accessories or print head of the Stormjet eco solvent printer.

The benefits of the grounding wire are: to prevent the printheads from dispersing ink, and to prevent the car from stopping suddenly.

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