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Classification of external heating and air drying systems for banner printers
The Stormjet eco solvent printer has its own heating system. Under certain circumstances, turning on the heating system can improve the printing status and speed up the drying speed of the screen. In summer, the heating system can be turned off, because the temperature itself is relatively high, and the equipment will generate a lot of heat after running for a period of time, which can meet the needs of printing and screen drying. This is also the main point that the operator of the car sticker printer needs to pay attention to.

Sometimes the heating system that comes with the eco solvent printer cannot meet the needs of drying the picture. At this time, you can use an external air drying system to dry the picture. There are two types of external air drying systems. One is an air dryer with a built-in cooling fan that uses the principle of air exchange to dry the screen. This is suitable for summer, which can not only make the screen dry, but also play a role in cooling the equipment. There is also a dryer. This external heating system is equipped with a heating tube, which completely uses the heating principle to dry the picture. This kind of external drying system is suitable for use in winter or areas with relatively low temperature and relatively humid areas.

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