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What should do when eco solvent printer does not turned for a long time?
When eco solvent printer is disabled for more than ten days, what should use pay attention to when it is turned on for first time? Stormjet eco solvent printer manufacturers have summarized 4 precautions for users' reference.
Banner Eco Solvent Printer
1. Adjust temperature and humidity
Before starting banner eco solvent printer, make sure that working environment of printer reaches optimum temperature and humidity, Specific temperature is 18°C-30°C, and humidity is 40%-60%. Please check printer carefully to ensure that all parts are installed in place.

2. Check circuit and clean dust
Before starting eco solvent ink printer, check whether machine circuit is plugged in properly, whether ink cartridges, ink tubes and waste ink tubes are unblocked, and at same time clean dust on machine to ensure that there are no sundries on machine.

3. Wipe printhead
Use a one-way wiping method to wipe nozzle clean with a cotton swab, use a professional cleaning solution for printers using eco solvent ink.

4. Confirm status of printhead
The most fearful thing about banner eco solvent printer for a long time is blockage of nozzle, because it will cause problems such as oblique spray, flying ink, and eccentric needles, shorten life of printhead, and even cause scrapped, so maintenance of head is very important. Therefore, after turning on machine, print a test strip to check whether state of printhead is normal.
Eco Solvent Ink Printer
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