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AUTUMN STORMJET eco-solvent printer maintenance requirements
Different seasons, the key points of Stormjet eco solvent printer maintenance are different, so what should be paid attention to in autumn eco solvent printing machine maintenance?

1.In the dry climate in autumn, static electricity is prone to be generated in a dry environment. Static electricity will cause huge damage to the running equipment, and will cause the printhead to burn out and the board card. Static electricity cannot be ignored. This requires that the Stormjet eco solvent printer must be connected to the ground wire, so that the static electricity can be effectively discharged and the damage caused by the static electricity can be avoided. It can also humidify the working environment of the Stormjet eco solvent printer to prevent the room from drying out.

2.There are many windy and sandy weather in autumn, especially in the north. The windy and sandy weather is particularly serious. In the windy and sandy weather, dust is everywhere. Every day, dust will accumulate on the equipment. Be sure to wipe the equipment every day to remove the dust, because dust will cause the printhead to block. Affect the print quality, and severely cause the printhead to be scrapped. Clean the equipment every day, wipe the grating with alcohol, and cover it with a dust-proof cloth when the equipment is not working.

3.Ink problems. The temperature difference between day and night in autumn is too large. The ink used must have good weather resistance. Some inks will precipitate due to the change of temperature difference. These precipitated substances will also cause blockage of the ink supply system or even the clogging of the printhead.

The above points are the points that require special attention in the maintenance of the Stormjet eco solvent printer in the autumn.

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